PAN Digital Service

Our Vision and Mission through PAN Digital Service (Common Service Centres /Jan Seva Kendra)

Our vision for CSC is inspired by statement of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India

“E-Governance has to be citizen-friendly. Delivery of services to citizens is considered a primary function of the government”

SRMES believes that with the help of technology we all can bring a sea of change in the way people communicate with the government. We as the DSP will follow the guidelines laid down the GoUP and use technology to reach out the citizens in order to improve the standards of living especially for the people residing in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.

  • PAN Digital Service will operate on same philosophy to these achieve these goals
  • PAN Digital Service will reach out to a broader part of population to extend the reach of government services & make it faster and user friendly.
  • PAN Digital Service will help in reducing the costs for individuals and businesses to deal with government.
  • With our IT expertise we intend to provide digital information to the rural areas enabling them to access information in a speedy and timely manner.

PAN Digital Service

Jan Suvidha Kendra’ is initiative of the State Government UP to create a facility center at district headquarters of all districts with state of the art facility for providing G2C services to citizens. The center has been envisaged to act as a model center at the district level under the project. Primarily, the e-district services is envisaged to address the service requirement of rural citizen rural Common Service Center. Against this backdrop the e-District Center will be located at the district headquarters wherein the facility should be available to urban population of the district.

PAN Digital Service

Key Objectives of PAN Digital Service

  • To provide G2C services comprising of 26 sub-services from Jan Suvidha Kendra’
  • To build up scalable E-District Center for meeting the expected growing preference of citizen for easy and efficient service delivery. Addition of more G2C and B2C services in service basket of e-District Center in due course of time is envisaged under this initiative.
  • To adhere to the service level agreement for saving time and cost incurred by government in providing services and citizen in availing the listed services.
  • To enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness of district administration to citizen's needs.
PAN Digital Service

Expected Outcome of PAN Digital Service

Value to the Citizens E-District Center project would primarily be an internet based initiative which would deliver services to citizen through personalized interface at the e-District Center. E-District Center is a people’s initiative of Uttar Pradesh State Government where the district administration would play the role of key coordinator for the services covered under the project. The major benefits envisaged of the E-District Center project are as follows:

  • Provide an electronic channel for information and services delivery to the urban population of the district.
  • Reduce time cost, money cost and resources cost of the citizens to access information and avail services from Government.
  • Efficient and effective service delivery of the listed services under e-District project to urban populace of the district
PAN Digital Service

Benefits of PAN Digital Service to Citizens

Some of the envisaged benefits for citizens include:

  • Increased access to service and greater social inclusion: An easily accessible e-District Center can be used easily by all classes of society especially disadvantaged segments such as senior citizens, BPL households, the illiterate etc. and would be of great benefit in terms of offering a channel of interaction between the citizen and the government.
  • One stop shop for multiple service requirements: The e-District Center would serve as a single window to multiple government departments and multiple types of transactions e.g. information about processes and documentation required, enquiries on status updates etc.
  • Reduced costs of availing services: Citizens can spend time effectively towards other activities, rather than standing in long queues or travel physically to multiple government departments for simple transactions or information needs.
PAN Digital Service