Role of Village Level Enterpreneur (VLE)

The VLE is the key to the success of the CSC operations. While content and services are Important, it is the VLE's entrepreneurial ability that would ensure CSC sustainability. A good VLE would not be one who has financial muscle only, but somebody who has entrepreneurial traits, strong social commitment as well as respect within the community. The quality of service at the CSCs would be as effective as the quality of VLEs running them. Selection and proper training of the VLE therefore would play a vital role in making the CSC success.

Our Vision for VLEs

  • Our vision is making the VLE a profitable unit through a dedicated Sales and Marketing Team
  • Sales Team dedicated to opening and maintaining VLE’s, their targets is not based on how many VLE’s they open. We have given them targets based on earning/VLE.
  • Marketing team is dedicated to create new earning opportunity to our Centers; their target is Turnover/Month through B2C Services, as higher the turnover higher will be the profits.
  • Dedicated marketing team to market G2C services as well, we’ll create a common pool
  • Dedicated Call Centre created on the lines of one stop solution Centers for VLE’s
  • Call Centre Executives to handle calls and enquiries
  • A monthly interaction with VLE’s in all districts with trainings on new products on a regular basis.

Required Skills for VLEs

  • Proximity to customer & understanding of consumer needs
  • Trusted by consumer
  • Willingness and ability to learn computers and products
  • Initiative to tap local revenue generation potential

Infrastructure requirements for becoming a VLE

  • 100 – 150 sq. ft space
  • 2 PCs with UPS
  • 2 Printers (Inkjet + Dot matrix)
  • Digital/Web Camera
  • Wired /Wireless Connectivity (as per availability)
  • Genset/Inverter, Mobile Phone, Furniture and Fixtures
  • OS and other software